Luxury between Venice and the Dolomites

exclusive farmhouse for authentic emotions

The Lodges

Casere Luxury Lodges born from passion.

For its history and the Alpago, a still simple and authentic territory. For the mountains that frame the panorama and mark a different time.

A unique time, to be rediscovered, to dedicate to oneself. We don't want to tell you just a story, we want you to write yours.

With us, with our traditions, in our lodges.

We take care of our guests by offering exclusive services in ours Casere, starting from menus and food and wine proposals dedicated.

We will take you safely to our territory of Dolomites, in an uncontaminated naturalistic mountain context which is our pride.

You will taste our products, the result of the excellence of a thousand-year history of mountains and nature.

Services - Casere Luxury Lodges Alpago

Come and discover ours Casere, reserved places, hidden jewels in the woods of the Alpago.

They will be able to surprise the fleeting visitor with a panorama of other times and the long-time friend with the discovery of an unexpected, ever-changing point of view.

Get lost in small villages, in ancient traditions and rediscover the Nature both through encounters with the local fauna and getting lost in the silence of a walk.

Territory - Casere Luxury Lodges Alpago

The story tells of a pre-Alpine environment full of life where families went to the mountains out of necessity.

Thus there were two stables, one adjacent to the village and the other closer to the high pastures, to always ensure shelter and shelter for people and animals.

In this second structure on one side there was the shelter for the animals, on the other hand there was the Casera, where basic necessities were found, some simple furnishings and a stove for the shepherds.

History - Casere Luxury Lodges Alpago